Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome & The Dark Ages

So, this marks the first post.

Right on.

Welcome to the Ace of Grapes Wine Co. To the rest of the world it is a man's small venture, to those who are aware it is a place where I post my own insights regarding Rift: The Planes of Telara. Those who played EQ way back when and remember the Safehouse will know instantly the idea behind this place. I intend to focus on the PvP aspects of the souls, Warrior and Rogue primarily as those are the two I am most interested in. However there is also the Cleric which interests me as well. Unfortunately, I've promised my special lady the Cleric, so I won't be able to play it first hand for a while. Warrior and Rogue will take up most of my time anyway.

Which leads me to the Closed Beta events beginning Dec. 3rd (official beta schedule). I have a VIP Beta key (thank you, Anonymous), and through a contest on the forums, I acquired one for the lady as well. So we'll be present for all of them, I have someone to keep me alive (or try to save from dying horribly) and while sending in bug reports and feedback, I get to have some first hand knowledge to share with you all about mechanics, abilities, play styles, strategies, and all of that fun stuff.

Unfortunately, there is that thing called the NDA. Which is why we are in the Dark Ages at the moment. No matter what information is found, and no matter what I write, I cannot show it to everyone until the NDA is lifted. All the same I will continue to compile, and I will continue to write. It is my hope that once the NDA is gone, I can explode this little blog with all of the information I've collected, and the things I've seen and learned in regards to Warriors, Rogues, Rift, and PvP.

So... 9 days till I can begin.

In the mean there probably won't be much here either, since with nothing I can share, there is nothing I can post. After each Closed Beta event, I'll probably do a little write up of sorts, the closed mouthed kind that we've seen from the press and Gamer Day attendees so far. While I don't intend to simply rewrite their same experiences, I do plan to share as much as I can about the game without revealing things.

Here's to toeing the line.

Till then... cheers.

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