Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post Closed Beta 1 Thoughts

Unfortunately, this isn't any sort of Ace of Grapes Official Review or anything of the like.

What this is, is a general notice to people who come to this winery and turn right, down the steps, into the cellar that is the safehouse.

As it stands, I am quite amused at the suppositions made regarding the Cleric and Rogue souls in my previous write ups. To be honest, I am also slightly embarrassed, only because after participating in CB1 from the 3rd to the 6th, and playing some Cleric, Warrior and Rogue... there are things implied in the write ups below that are grossly inaccurate.

That doesn't mean it is all wrong, mind you. For a general overview of what the class -might- be capable of, I'd still say they're not -that- bad in most places. Unfortunately however, I can't tell you those places.

People are incredibly touchy about this NDA, which is fine by me. I knew the NDA would remain the primary obstacle in the face of content that I could provide to anyone who stumbled across my little winery. On the other hand, I suppose people being touchy (sometimes unnecessarily so) about the NDA is also a very good thing. It means they are excited to see the game excel. It means that the things Trion wants to keep private - as much as people would love the information - they would rather remain private.

This is all good news, if you ask me.

And you're here reading my late night rambles.

So there you are.

While people from Gamer Day and those at WarCry or TenTonHammer and other such networks were able to provide write ups of their experiences... Trion told them the things they could and could not write about.

What has Trion told me?

Same thing they've told everyone else participating in the beta events.

You aren't allowed to say anything.

So there went any inclination for me to provide write ups of my own.

In the mean, this place shall not collect dust. I shall continue to write about general things like Dear Mr. Old School MMO Gamer below that scratch the surface of my various opinions and things. Behind the scenes, I shall continue to use the beta events as a time to explore the game with the missus, submit feedback to Trion, and compile information for the NDA's removal. That was the core of the original plan anyway, so despite how incorrect old role builders and vague class descriptions might make me... that at least, stays the same.

Thank you for coming by, and I look forward to sharing more things on my mind soon.

Have a bottle on the house.

Yours In Errors and Forced Silences,

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