Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year & Nerd Love

Seeing as how it's now 11 AM EST, hopefully those of you on the same time zone or similar are still passed out somewhere from too much revelry. Personally, the Ace of Grapes was asleep by about 10 PM. He's started a new job, you see, on the first day of CB3 no less. So this past week has featured waking up at 6:30 AM (and failing at that), to arrive for work at 8:30 AM (success despite the aforementioned failures), then finishing at 4:30 PM, getting home by 6:30 PM and playing until about 3-3:30 AM.

Rinse and repeat from Tuesday to Friday.


I'd just like to take a moment to thank the makers of 5-hour Energy. Without it I probably would have lost my job as a result of falling asleep at my desk, rather than clearing away 2 months worth of backed up stuff and making a great impression as a result.

Five Hour Energy is now unofficially endorsed by the Ace of Grapes Wine Co.

His lady did say his ridiculous hours were going to catch up with him... and they did, when there was no beta to play, and no work to worry about the next day. She wanted to spend New Years with him... he was drooling on his pillow like an asshole. Sorry Jackrabbit. :(


Despite not being able to enjoy CB1 or CB2 together, the Ace of Grapes and his lady fair were finally able to run around Silverwood as an item. Awwwwww. It is for this reason that I don't have much to report on the "Get a Rogue to 20" challenge I was undertaking (Hood is level 8, otherwise I was with Jackrabbit, or PvPing in Freemarch). I'll get Hood up to 20 eventually, Riftstalker/Bard/Bladedancer is very sweet. Until then, expect a break down on Rogues over the next day or two (with screenshots of each Rogue tree and branch/root abilities) and lastly... sappy screenshots of what made CB3 so much fun for me... Slowjack and Jackrabbit...

Fresh Level 1s!

"*sigh* No, honey... that buff does not give you Spidey Senses..."

Do I know what caused the bright light? Not a clue. Do I like the effect? Absolutely.

Hopefully Trion adds body customization options. 

I love the random shots you can take while the characters do their idle animations.

The mandatory "caught you with your eyes closed" picture.

She was blowing me a kiss in this one... insert mandatory blowing something else comment. Either way, I'm not complaining. <3

Another one of those taken during idle animation shots, Elf girls have nice head tilts.

For some reason I'm reminded of that old picture of the farmer and his wife. WTB Pitchfork PST.

Why this picture, Jack? Idle animations, of course. Jackrabbit is pretty.

What do they need to take on the world? Nothing except each other. I know, it's disgusting.

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  1. you two are adorable! my man and i play (cough will be playing) rift during the betas and of course release :D can't wait; he and i are so excited.

    good pics and keep up the nice blog :)