Friday, June 17, 2011

Rift & Repurpose

So what happened?!

Well, the same thing that has been happening with the majority of MMOs since 2006 or so. Promises of this and that, then delivery of repackaged goods mixed with absolute failure and a little success sprinkled on top. Do I play anymore? Not really. My reasoning is pretty simple... warfronts all day is no different than playing League of Legends all day. I shall miss <Coterie> (G), I shall miss <Rank Six> (D), and I shall miss the entire server of Phoenix Throne... whoops, Sunrest.

The question is then... what to do with the Ace of Grapes Wine Co.?

Well, I am certainly not giving up the name... and I still have a very deep rooted interest in the MMO genre, so much so that I'm very heavily considering school for the purpose of joining the industry (I know it's not nearly as glamorous as gamers often think it is... but few industries are).

As such, this is just a short note for the sake of the Wine Co's history and the few people who still visit this place. The blog shall be repurposed, and while I am in MMO limbo the topics I write about shall probably be all over the place. But they shall still pertain to video games, their trends, my thoughts on them, etc. Everything written about Rift will stay. Partially as written record for the Wine Co's history, and partially because (much to my humbled astonishment) people still read the information.

Is there a postmortem of Rift in the future? Perhaps. Though truth be told, there are enough people who have already written one. Those who are playing or have played already know where Trion fell short of their promises and where they managed to do things well. I may do one for the sake of doing it anyway... but I doubt it. I haven't played for about a month and a half now... and it's sad, but I don't really miss the game at all.

Just the people.

That being said, if the transitions from Warhammer to Aion to Rift continue as they have so far, I'm sure the next MMO to promise exciting PvP shall have a server unofficially renamed to Phoenix Throne and I will see most of those awesome people again.

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