Saturday, January 15, 2011

Board of Director's Meeting

Saturday... a day off to actually be here, while I'm awake, and able to get things done without work digging a gaping hole out of my day. Ace of Grapes has been rather quiet lately, it has been about a week since anything new has come down the pipe, and I'm reminded of the balance that I should maintain between the things I want to do, and the things I have to do, so the things that I have to do don't end up being ruined because I did the things I wanted to do instead... savvy?

I've used up my limit on ridiculous run on sentences for the day.

As it stands right now, Jack's Black Book of Rogues is closed. It disappoints me to do it, but while it was a very neat idea (which is why I started it), it wasn't one of my better ideas (hence closing it). The Black Book of Rogues will continue on in my head, for now. A part of this has to do with the role builders now available as well. This one is one that I recommend, only because it's the best one I've come across so far. I'm sure better will come over time, since this one is quite complete, it just lacks icons and a few of the scaling values for talents. But those values are ones that anyone familiar with how talent trees generally progress in MMOs, won't be bothered by that at all. There was only so much time to collect data during CB4, so what's there, is quite helpful.

While we're on the topic of useful links, for people who still don't know server names and perhaps want to plan with their mates or get a feel of how many of each is currently available, there is this site. It also tells you the status of those servers, while serving as a source of patch notes. Currently, only CB4's notes are available, since it seems to be that one where the information began to explode out of the game with all the people they pour into it.

Great move, releasing the NDA after CB2, giving people time to plan and gather and share information as we go into what is another 2 or 3 (maybe, since the one over the holidays wasn't a part of the schedule apparently, Trion was just being really nice) beta events before March. $10/mo is a very welcome offer. If you're unaware of that, you'll want to check here.

With old news out of the way, we move on to what is forthcoming. Namely, what I am hoping turns out to be a really awesome PvP video with my footage from CB4. It's not so much one of those "Watch me own people." videos, as much as it's simply a showcase of some of the more memorable fights I've had over the course of the event. I went through a tonne of different specs, mainly for curiosity's sake, and was sometimes not surprised by the disappointment I found, and others very much surprised by things I tried that I initially thought I wouldn't like at all.

Those of you who have been building Battle Clerics on top of a Druid base for a while now... you guys chose very very well. I initially considered it to be inferior to the Shaman and the few things that Shamans do very well as a result of lacking the tools to do much more than that. Druids have proven me wrong. It could have just been the people I went up against (and the unfortunate fact that I didn't have time to take her out into Stonefield like I had done with her Shaman based build), but I felt much more comfortable (and had arguably much more success) when she had a Druid base.

So that's what I'm up to today. The video itself features Cutesie in Stonefield, Codex and Black Garden. Sometimes as a Shaman, sometimes as a Druid, even sometimes as a Warden... healing doesn't ever get as much shine in PvP videos.

When will it be done?

Some time tonight or tomorrow I'm hoping.

So we'll see.


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