Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Chronicles of Cutesie Vol. 1 (720p HD)

Finally... so after my last post, I've pretty much been working, while trying to work on this video that started as a very small idea and then kinda sorta exploded into a very big idea, which took more time, because I was so tired from work. Follow all that?

I've basically decided to release it as is, since even though it doesn't have a number of the things I still want (like the intro and credits that'll definitely have to appear in the next video), it's still something I'm pretty happy with and no fussing over anymore details is going to actually make it any different from what it is now.

If anyone knows of a great video streaming site, be sure to drop me a line. YouTube is easy for everyone, but it can ruin the quality of a video after it's done re-compressing everything. The video that you are about to see is very dark in a number of places... particularly because it's a dark part of the terrain, sort of a bowl cut out of the light grass, where I just happened to have a very epic Druid fight end in a double KO. This happens as well in other areas of the game similarly dark, like the Black Garden. Disappointing to say the least, so yes, I need an alternative, because the video isn't supposed to be that dark at all. 

Despite all that, this video is best viewed full screen in 720p HD.  You'll see fights like the double KO mentioned, more solo roaming of enemy territory (Stonefield), a Druid based Battle Cleric in the Codex and Black Garden, a Warden based healer in the Codex, and the classic Shaman based Battle Cleric all over the place since my time in enemy territory features that build exclusively. For those who don't like the music choice, feel free to mute it. I don't apologize for it, because it's music I like. 

Otherwise, enough rambling from me.

I intend to have a Director's Cut established shortly, which pretty much just requires me to sit and give about 12m30s of commentary to the video itself. But I did want to finally release this thing. For those who are interested in the Director's Cut, you can probably expect it in a day or two. Most of the time is really just uploading as this video (2.5gb) took almost 12 hours to load today. Either way, the commentary will basically be me talking about each fight, and all of the mistakes I make. I make a bunch of them but still manage to have success. I like that... because while some people have been worried about playing too much of the game now and not enjoying it as much once it releases, I'm of the mind that there'll be all kinds of potential with not only playing your one character, but in also having an alt or two that is also conveniently at max level, who can also conveniently create all kinds of cool combinations to PvP with.

Follow that one too?

Basically I'm just hoping people actually enjoy the system rather than doing all the moaning and complaining that our beloved genre has instilled into so many of us. For what Trion has put on the table, there is quite a lot of things to do and experience... yes, it's easy, but if any of you play Marvel vs Capcom you can think of all the soul combinations as different characters to pick. First character didn't take long to level... but an alt would be a pretty good idea, since that's more characters available for the picking... which means different ways to PvP... and I have all these different and fun ways that will pretty much carry me to 50 where I can then start actually doing all of the also fun end game things while taking a break to cruise the ultimate fun of world PvP?

I won't even get into that... that's another blog post entirely, which I might do tonight because I've been wanting to do it for days...


This time I'm actually being honest. A day or two doesn't mean no video until next Saturday. The Chronicles of Cutesie Vol. 1 (Director's Cut) shall be out in a day or two. :x

Bastard's honor?

Okay, I tried.

But you have to believe me!


PS: See you all in CB5!

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